Where To Find Wholesale AA Batteries

Wholesale Batteries

When it comes to buying batteries, many businesses opt for a cheap option, or are uninformed about what is the correct method in going about a battery purchase. The truth is that there is a lot of consideration in choosing where to get your batteries if you want to make a smart decision. At Evertek LLC, we understand that there is a right way to buy batteries, and we have built our business around being an affordable company, but also having the right batteries to buy at wholesale prices. ff

Evertek LLC

Evertek is a woman-owned small business that provides wholesale batteries of exceptional qualities and effective costs. At Evertek, we don’t just sell batteries: we understand batteries. We are battery experts, and can proudly boast as one of Energizer battery Company’s most prominent industrial distributors.  However, we don’t stop there! We hold various brands in order to meet your wholesale battery needs.

We carry an extensive line of Energizer industrial batteries, as well as provide a variety of Lithium, Gel cell, and specialty batteries. If you need wholesale batteries, you can guarantee that Evertek is able to step in and get you what you require.

The Evertek Difference

There are a few reasons as to why Evertek has been a leading provider of wholesale batteries through 3 generations, as well as through numerous changes in the battery industry.

  1. Unbeatable prices:  Evertek offers consistently low prices on the entirety of our inventory of industrial batteries. One of the ways we are able to accomplish this is due to the fact that we are a major distributor for Energizer.  Having this exclusive accessibility for over 80 years, we are able to price our wholesale batteries lower than our competition.
  2. Quick and Painless shipping: We understand the annoyance of ordering something for your business and having to wait for shipments.  We box and ship your order the day you place it, and deliver our batteries to your door as soon as possible with extremely low shipping rates.  On top of that, we offer free or discounted shipping for wholesale battery purchases made in bulk.
  3. You!: Our customers have been a major reason we have been able to continue our great run of affordable, durable, wholesale batteries. Not only have we felt your loyalty, but we have appreciated your feedback as well. If you are ever on our site and don’t see the battery you need, contact us and we will provide a price. Price matching is our specialty!

Don’t Settle for Cheap Discount Batteries!

It’s not a recommended practice to simply buy batteries from discount stores. You may be thinking to yourself “all batteries are the same, who cares where I buy them from. I’ll just choose the lowest price I can find.”  This is dangerous thinking, because while it may seem smart on the surface, you could end up paying for this type of battery purchase later on.  

Paying less for batteries seems to be a smart way to shop, but those discount batteries are often improperly stored, expired, or have factory defects that make them almost worthless.  Imagine trying to turn around and sell batteries that are defective. At best you may have a few hundred dollars of refunds. At worst, you may have a huge PR / reputation problem on your hands.  

With our wholesale batteries, you don’t have to worry about any type of problems with our batteries. A great example of this is with our Energizer batteries.  The “Energizer difference” is that Energizer batteries have a specially made outer coating to prevent against leakage. This is a step above and beyond most batteries. However, with all of our battery brands and types, we only sell those of the highest quality. There is a reason professionals choose Energizer Industrial over any other brand.

Batteries of All Shapes & Sizes

Whatever the size or model of the battery that you need, we are here to help. With a massive selection available on our website, most customers are able to find what they need very quickly. If you are unable to find what you need, we encourage you to contact us and we’ll give you a price. Additionally, we will match prices on items not in our inventory of wholesale batteries.  

However, we do offer a variety of batteries available for wholesale purchase.  All of the following are in stock at Evertek:
-Energizer Lithium Coin Cells
-Energizer Rechargeables
-Energizer Ultimate Lithium
-Panasonic Lithium Coin Cells
-And More!

Reasons Why People Buy Wholesale Batteries

There are a lot of reasons why people buy wholesale batteries of all sizes and typ. Here are some of the major advantages that come with wholesale battery purchases:

Saving Money: There is no doubt that buying batteries wholesale saves money. In fact, those companies who buy discount batteries on a regular basis would be surprised to learn that buying wholesale may get them the same value for their money, and in some cases, they might even save more. In the case of Evertek batteries, you can guarantee that our batteries are of the highest quality, and therefore won’t break down or cause issues.  That translates to savings in itself!

Being Prepared: Businesses that purchase wholesale batteries for resale want to have their provided batteries in stock at all times. Buying wholesale is an obvious solution for this need, as you retain more stock through bulk purchases. Instead of constantly ordering discount batteries and paying repeated shipping charges, eliminate hassle and costs by going wholesale.

Efficiency: Buying in bulk certainly is an efficient method of purchase for batteries. Because Evertek has such a great variety of batteries at convenient prices, and can acquire and price match those that aren’t in stock, we can become your one stop shop for all the battery requirements you have. When everything is done in bulk at one place, you are efficiently running your battery purchasing, and making your business run smoother.

Wholesale Battery Storage Tips

Batteries generally need to be stored at around 60 degrees Fahrenheit in a cool and dry place. That being said, some people have the not so bright idea of storing batteries in a freezer. This is a definitively bad idea.  You can store them at a slightly cooler temperature, such as in a refrigerator, but they need to be sealed in a plastic bag or in their original packaging to prevent condensation. For a business that is buying wholesale AA batteries, the best way to keep them fresh as long as possible is to store them in their original packaging in a supply closet or comparable area that avoids exposure to warmer temperatures.

Wholesale Battery Storage Tips

Batteries also are more effective the “fresher” they are. Batteries begin to degrade from the moment they leave the assembly line (albeit slowly, not overnight). That’s why we always sell the freshest wholesale batteries at Evertek. You don’t want to be the organization that is willing to buy discount batterie. Often times these batteries may have left the factory weeks, months or even years before. Fresh batteries that are sent directly to you means that you get the maximum amount of battery life for your money.

As was aforementioned before, keeping batteries in the original packaging is important. The ideology here is that the terminals are not close enough to allow the batteries to make a connection. If you throw a bunch of batteries into a drawer and store them for a while you will notice that some of the batteries no longer have any life left in them. This is because they were so close to each other that they connected and lost their charge.

There are a few other things to be aware of as well such as keeping caps on 9-volt batteries (and especially avoiding storing 9-volt batteries together without making sure that their terminals are far apart. Allowing 9-volt batteries to make a connection could actually start a fire.

Evertek takes all safety precautions into account with our batteries. We want to not only ensure the safety of ourselves and those we do business with, but we want to provide the most battery life we can to those that choose to do wholesale battery purchases with us.

The Bottom Line on Batteries

If you are looking to save money on batteries, there is no better way to do it than by getting them wholesale from www.evertekllc.com. We make sure that our customers get the lowest possible prices on batteries of all shapes and sizes, while still providing batteries of the highest quality. If you need wholesale AA batteries, discount AAA batteries or any battery at the best price on the web, then we have you covered.

Ensuring that you have all the batteries you need is important, which is why we offer discounts on shipping for batteries bought in bulk.  Get rid of the hassle of constant orders by making sure that you are stocked for longer periods of time on any types of batteries that you require.   

Whether you are a commercial client with huge needs or a smaller company who just wants to save time and money on your batteries, Evertek is the solution to your wholesale battery problems. We offer a wide selection of Energizer batteries and other quality battery brands, and we offer them at low prices that won’t break your budget.  Visit www.evertekllc.com to see how Evertek can help you with all of your wholesale battery requirements.