About Us

Before there were ever “chain battery stores”, we were there. Leading the industry.

For 3 generations , we have been able to facilitate and deliver our expertise on all your battery needs. Get what you need when you need it. We are trusted by more professionals than anybody in the industry!

Unbeatable Prices – We offer consistently low prices on our entire inventory.  Our exclusivity as one of Energizer’s authorized leading industrial distributors for over 80 years, allows us to pass that savings on to you!

Fast, Low Cost Shipping – Orders are shipped same day you for in stock items. Delivery to you for the lowest possible shipping charge. We offer free or discounted shipping on bulk orders.

Evertek is a woman-owned small business. We are always here to answer your calls, emails, or faxes.

It’s you, our customers that have kept us going throughout the generations, and we hope you have felt our loyalty as well.

If you don’t see your battery listed on our site, please contact us and we will provide you a price.

Price matching is our specialty!

THERE is A BIG DIFFERENCE between “cheap” batteries and “wholesale” batteries.

  • A cheap battery is unreliable.
  • Cheap batteries are imitations, likely several years old. Code dates are important! Our stock is fresh from the factory.
  • Cheap batteries have been improperly stored and won’t last.
  • Cheap batteries have expired before you even buy them.
  • What you think you’re saving on inexpensive retail batteries costs more in replacements.

At Evertek,we only sell fresh from the factory batteries with the most recent code dates.

Whether you are the end user, OEM, a distributor, or a trusted professional, we have your batteries.

We thank you for considering us for all your battery needs.

Andrea J Wellington-owner